Transaction Readiness

Maximizing shareholder value is your goal. You have worked hard to get to this point, but having everything in place and ready for the rigor of the due diligence process is not an everyday task. Centaur’s’ Transaction Readiness services are designed to evaluate and help you structure your company to be at the top of your game.

Performed by Centaur Partners for a Company engaging in the search for a Strategic Partner or Equity Investment, our team of professionals will work with you and your team to create a check list of areas to focus as well as provide the manpower to help in the outcomes. The Transaction Readiness Service is available prior to, or as part of an Equity Sourcing, Strategic Partner or M&A Advisory agreement with Centaur. Identifying and remediating the major “gotchas” that can hold up the process and evaluate how an Investor, Partner or Buyer will view your Company.

It you make your Company more valuable than then it is already by assessing your Internal Controls, Operational and Strategic drivers and Market Focus with the goal of having your Company Transaction Ready and maximizing your Enterprise Value.

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The Transaction Readiness process will focus on your Market Readiness, Operational Processes, unlocking hidden value, and prepare your company for the road ahead.